Implant Dentistry

rendering of tooth implant

Filling Gaps in Your Smile to Rebuild Your Confidence

The causes for adult tooth loss can vary from advanced gum disease or tooth decay to accidental loss during a car wreck or due to a sports injury. Regardless of the cause, when you lose a natural tooth, you should begin to explore your options for replacement immediately. As soon as that tooth is missing, the remaining teeth begin to manage the loss by shifting. This shifting affects your bite, which can put a strain on your temporomandibular joints and lead to TMJ disorder. This ongoing strain can lead to chronic jaw pain and malfunction. When teeth are missing, we also tend to change the way we chew, and this can lead to wear on the remaining teeth. The result is often broken teeth and fillings.

All of your teeth (with the possible exception of wisdom teeth) are essential to the overall function of your mouth and jaw. If due to decay or damage, you have lost any teeth, we can restore oral function through the placement of prosthetic restorations, or replacement teeth. We have several options for replacement teeth, which depend on a number of factors, namely the number and placement of your missing teeth.


Choosing the Right Replacement for Your Tooth/Teeth

Depending on your individual case, we offer a number of life-like replacement teeth. Using state-of-the-art materials and techniques, we can provide you with a new smile that looks great, functions well, and restores your confidence in speaking and smiling. Many of our patients report an increase in the enjoyment of life after receiving a dental prosthetic since they can now enjoy interacting socially and enjoying the simplest pleasure of life, eating meals, without worry or impediment.